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get-attachmentWelcome to Lah V Dah Beauty!  I am Venita B Allen from Hamilton ,Ohio. This beauty line has been a true passion of mine and I enjoy making all these amazing products, but what I enjoy more is a repeat customer. Why? I know I must have done something right :)

I have always worked so hard for approval in life but in my last years of my 30′,s I no longer need approval. I know I’m special; I would never change what I have been through, it’s made me who I am today. No time to sit and feel sorry for myself, it’s time to make changes in life that I can do something about.

I love several charities, they hold a dear place in my heart and I am so proud to be able to donate to them.  Please note, I will be donating when orders are placed and know you share that with me.

Please note, if you do not see  your scent, email me personally for special order. I love that I have been so successful, I have added several new items this month.  Customer’s send suggestions and I will go over and beyond to help them in anyway I can.  Please know when you use my product that you are getting the top of the line, I don’t settle for CHEAP!

In closing, with God all things are possible, I’m proof. From the bottom of my heart and from Lah V Dah, thank you to everyone for their support.